The Benefits of Using a Local Accounting Firm

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When it comes to accounting firms, you typically have many choices, both for personal and business finance purposes. In this blog, we will spotlight the benefits of choosing a local accounting firm.

Why Go with a Local Accounting Firm?

When it comes to accounting, you are likely familiar with the “Big Four” names: Deloitte, PwC, KPMG and Ernst & Young. But what you may be unfamiliar with is your local accounting firm and how they may be more beneficial for your brand’s accounting needs.

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Build a relationship with your accountant

When you turn to a large, corporate firm, there’s a greater chance of having to see a new accountant every time you need something handled. This creates a distance between you and your accountant, and your business dealings are never fully understood.

At a local firm, there is a shorter list of clients but a greater amount of focus on said clients. Local accountants will try to familiarize themselves with your business from top to bottom, and are a friendly face you recognize immediately when you need accounting services.


Due to the high volume of employees at corporate firms, there are usually a defined set of practices to follow. Clients cannot pick and choose what accounting services they require, or discuss a payment adjustment or plan. Instead, there are a list of packages and the client has to decide on one that is the most relevant, even if they don’t require all the services.

Local accountants can do all kinds of accounting services, or only a few depending on your needs. They can also be open to discussing different payments. Another positive is that all your services would be through one or two people, as opposed to seeing a different accountant in every department and keeping track of many people.

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Quality workers, quality work

For larger firms, quantity over quality is the end goal. They are focused on a multitude of clients and completing a lot of work at once. However, local accountants likely handpick their employees to ensure quality assurance. This, combined with less work, means more focus on your business’ needs.

Smaller firms may focus more on their hires as they need less employees – again, focusing on the quality over quantity. To be able to provide the best quality of work possible, it is important to have high quality employees willing to put in the work.

Go Local

While both local and corporate accounting firms can provide the services your company needs, there are many other details that you will only receive by choosing a local firm.

Looking for a local accounting firm based out of Long Island that will give your small business the attention it deserves? Look no further than Calabrese & Associates, CPA, P.C. We will ensure that your financial needs are fulfilled and have our full focus. Visit our website today to get started.

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